Cloudflare Image Uploader

Cloudflare Image Uploader


The Cloudflare Image Uploader is a Python script designed to automate the bulk uploading of images to Cloudflare. It handles image uploads, manages duplicates by renaming, moves processed images to a designated directory, and generates a Markdown file listing all uploaded images for easy access and reference. This tool simplifies the management of web content images, especially for users with multiple images to upload and organize.


  • Bulk Uploads: Automatically uploads multiple images to Cloudflare in one go.
  • Duplicate Handling: Renames duplicate images to ensure uniqueness without overwriting existing files.
  • Processed Images Directory: Moves images to a “processed” directory after successful upload.
  • Markdown Catalog Generation: Creates a .md file listing all uploaded images with URLs, making it easy to incorporate images into web content.


  • Python 3.6 or higher installed on your system.
  • Cloudflare account and API token with permissions to upload images.
  • Basic familiarity with Python and running scripts from the command line.


  1. Clone or Download the Script: Obtain the script files from the repository or download them directly to your local machine.

  2. Install Required Python Packages: Open a terminal or command prompt and navigate to the script’s directory. Install the required packages using pip:

pip install requests

Create a folder called Image_To_Be_Uploaded

add all the files and folder INSIDE cloudflare-image-upload folder into it

Open the file and add your details

Your settings

API_TOKEN = 'your_api_token'
ACCOUNT_ID = 'your_account_id'
IMAGES_DIRECTORY = 'X:\\Cloudflare Images\\Image_To_Be_Uploaded'
PROCESSED_DIRECTORY = 'X:\\Cloudflare Images\\Image_To_Be_Uploaded\\PROCESSED_DIRECTORY'
CATALOG_FILE_PATH = 'X:\\Cloudflare Images\\Image_To_Be_Uploaded\\'

Edit Start_Image_upload.bat

add your path to python, unsure type in CMD type: where python add your folder path to Image_To_Be_Uploaded



Double click the .bat file to run



markdown file

Check your markdown file for cloudflare url’s

Export as index.html and have all your images in a web browser to scroll through, right click to copy image url for pasting in your applications!

Pro Tip use notepad + + with Markdown viewer and just click export to html, double click html to open in web browser, find your image and right click save image link ( which is the cloudflare image url! )

You can use this as a visual catalog for all the images store in your cloudflare images and there sharing urls

html view to right click image urls from markdown file


Github Repo for cloudflare image uploader

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